Saturday, November 5, 2016

Wellness Walk - Mindfulness Meditation Merewether

Wellness Walk
Mindfulness Meditation
Merewether Saturdays 4pm

Merewether Wellness Walk begins Saturdays 4pm starting next to Surfhouse.  You're invited to join us on a mindfulness walk along the rock platform around Merewether, pausing for meditation and mindfulness moments along the way.  It's a fun exploration of quietness, calm and stillness in the beauty of nature.

Ensure you don't miss out by booking at - it's a moment to really connect with yourself and get get grounded amongst a community of like minded individuals.  Please understand this is an independent community event hosted by MIndBodyCalm - and not affilated with any religious group or marketing/corporation.  It's simply about enjoying the precious natural environment and connected with yourself in concentrated self care.

You can explore more at  and join us on Facebook at for updates and exciting news on our other wellness walks around Glenrock and Shoal Bay.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Sobriety Companion Australia

my sober coach

Hi, I am a professional certified Sober companion and sober coach offering personal recovery support to ensure your best attempt at sobriety and recovery.

sober coach certification

sober coach jobs

how to become a sober coach

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Merewether Beach October 2013

surf house merewether nsw 2291 australia
Surf House Merewether with a blue bottle

merewether surfhouse sign merewether beach 2291
Merewether Surfhouse sign

merewether ocean baths pavilion 2013
The Change Rooms at Merewether Baths

Merewether Surf House looking North Nov 2013
Looking north past Surf House towards Bar Beach

surf house merewether looking up from the sand nsw
Merewether Surf House looking up past the new seat-steps

merewether ocean baths dressing shed sign 2013
The weathered public dressing pavilion sign

merewether baths stairs - exercise steps
Steps at Merewether Baths for exercise.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Timor Black Bamboo

Here's this summer's growth on the Timor Black Bamboo.

Works really well to grow bamboo - have heavy rocks that you can lift and edge when the new shoots of bamboo emerge.  Backfill with compost and then replace the rocks - this adds a layer of organic above the growing culms of bamboo - I think it works as it decomposes right on top of the plant.

Timor Black Bamboo growing culm

Claret Fig aside a succulent

The culms emerge in a hurry to get height

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Best Websites Newcastle

Promoting your website online is as simple as regularly updating your blog, keeping tabs on a Facebook page, maintaining a presence in industry forums and submitting relevant articles and authoritative advice.  Sounds confusing?  Well it can be to those who have to maintain their business in the “real world” and then find there is a parallel “online world” that demands the same level of commitment and accountability. 

So you are best advised to outsource you online web promotion – or at least get steered in the right direction with an introductory training session with Newcastle Digital Websites.

But back to the fundamentals of online web promotion - which is the basic truth that a website just left to it’s own devices will not magically flourish and attract traffic and convert sales – it will slowly wither and age and not really do much at all.

So what we need to do is get your website out there mingling with the crowd – with like minded similar sites brimming with customers and sales reps from your suppliers and your tradeshows and conferences and the like.  Someone has to be putting your website out there so it is slowly building an presence in your chosen niche and most likely growing in authority and recruiting for itself a higher flow of link juice.  Which roughly translates into being high in the search results.  Which is what we want, after all.

So with some regular training and updates, like reading the Newcastle Digital newsletter and following the hints and tips for increasing your organic ranking, you will soon be practising online web promotion without even knowing it.

And that’s when you start to see some really dramatic results and entrench your site at the top of the rankings for your most lucrative keywords.  So the prevailing advice it to get off to  flying start with some sustained online web promotion for at least the first twelve months so your site gathers some initial momentum.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Merewether Beach ParkR

Riding The Pushie
Keeping it real, riding the pushie along the Dixon park track.  Go to the new blog at for more recent updates.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

here we are

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