Saturday, November 5, 2016

Wellness Walk - Mindfulness Meditation Merewether

Wellness Walk
Mindfulness Meditation
Merewether Saturdays 4pm

Merewether Wellness Walk begins Saturdays 4pm starting next to Surfhouse.  You're invited to join us on a mindfulness walk along the rock platform around Merewether, pausing for meditation and mindfulness moments along the way.  It's a fun exploration of quietness, calm and stillness in the beauty of nature.

Ensure you don't miss out by booking at - it's a moment to really connect with yourself and get get grounded amongst a community of like minded individuals.  Please understand this is an independent community event hosted by MIndBodyCalm - and not affilated with any religious group or marketing/corporation.  It's simply about enjoying the precious natural environment and connected with yourself in concentrated self care.

You can explore more at  and join us on Facebook at for updates and exciting news on our other wellness walks around Glenrock and Shoal Bay.

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